Accounting & Bookkeeping

The firm can provide recurring accounting services for clients on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. A client's monthly or quarterly accounting services may be performed on our firm's in-house computer system, or we can assist clients in installing their own computerized accounting package. In addition, our accounting staff is experienced in working closely with the client to advise on and implement appropriate in-house record keeping procedures. Upon completion of each phase of our services any adjustments we may make are promptly conveyed to the client to insure proper updating of their records. Below are some of the accounting services we can provide:

  • General ledger and financial statement preparation

  • Compilations - Collection and presentation of financial information in the form of a financial statement without expressing assurance. Designed for private companies that do not have the need for audited or reviewed financial statements. Compilations are frequently prepared on an interim basis, monthly or quarterly, as well as annually

  • Reviews - Inquiries and analytical procedures to provide limited assurance on financial statements. A review of a financial statement may be a more economical alternative to performing a financial statement audit if negative assurance on the financial statements meets the needs of the client and financial statement users.

  • Payroll processing and payroll reports

  • Preparation of Forms 1099 and 1096Bank reconciliations

  • Maintenance of depreciation schedules

  • Probate and trust accounting