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Business Tax

Tax laws and regulations change constantly. Business owners and corporate CFOs do not always have the time to keep up with all the new tax legislation. The experienced tax CPAs at Topping Kessler provide sophisticated and timely tax advice to help you minimize taxes while adhering to the law.


Many of our tax professionals worked with national CPA firms before joining Topping Kessler, and they have extensive experience with corporate and individual tax issues. Our tax clients include public, private and nonprofit organizations of all sizes operating across industries.


Expertise for Business Owners


We can assist business owners with determining how to structure their business, such as whether they should become an S corporation, a C corporation, or an LLC. Choosing the legal form for operating a business dramatically impacts after-tax cash flow available to owners, the deductibility of employer fringe benefits, personal liability and more. Some of the crucial items to consider when starting a business include the company’s overall method of accounting, its tax year-end, inventory valuation method and debt versus equity capitalization.


We are easily accessible and maintain a close relationship with company ownership to ensure that overall business strategies complement their individual tax situation. Because we know that each client has different needs and goals, we meet and speak regularly to discuss their individual and business related issues.


We are accessible and committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. Contact us to discuss your Business Tax and International Business Tax needs.

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