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Estate Planning

Estate planning is an ongoing process. Without an estate plan, your property could be distributed according to state and federal laws – and without regard to your family’s needs or your desires.


Topping Kessler can provide the knowledge and direction necessary to help you make the right moves with critical decisions like guardianships, trusts and charitable giving.


Estate planning can also prepare a family-owned business for continuation after you die or should you become disabled. Your business or investment interests need to be protected just as any personal property.


Our tax professionals help you achieve all of your estate planning goals, whether your goal is to minimize estate and gift taxes, address the important succession planning issues that face family business owners, or to maximize the income and estate tax advantages of charitable giving.


Estate planning is a complex process, but the CPAs at Topping Kessler can assist you and your attorney with a comprehensive, personalized plan that will preserve your hard earned assets as well as enhance and protect your family’s future for generations to come.

In addition, because we are in contact with our clients on a regular, recurring basis, we keep an eye out for changes in circumstance that affect your estate plan and also ensure proper maintenance of your structure by assisting you with related tax filing requirements and any additional financial steps, keeping your overall plan in compliance.


We are accessible and committed to helping you achieve your financial goals. Contact us TODAY to discuss your Estate Planning needs.

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